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Happenings in RLI-HOA

Notice for District Coordinators - Changes in RLI Curriculum Expected in the Near Future

Monday, May 15, 2023 By: Jeffrey Romine
It is important for RLI-HOA District Coordinators to know and understand that RLI-International is working on curriculum changes.  Every 2-3 years this occurs.  District Leaders of RLI should watch for the opportunity to adopt new materials, when available. Accordingly, work towards depleting material inventories may save resources.   

Interested in an RLI session?

Monday, May 15, 2023 By:
Check out our website at rlihoa.org for "Upcoming Training" opportunities.

Big Shoes to Fill

Saturday, May 13, 2023When I received a call from Tom Greene, RLI-HOA Board Chair, to consider replacing Bo Porter as the Faculty Trainer, I told Tom I’d have to think about it. I’ve known Bo Porter for many years, and I know the job he has done to keep RLI on the tracks and to train the many facilitators over the years, including me. I took a week or so and then told Tom that I would accept the challenge. I feel I’m up to the challenge. There is another article about me that has been published that details my background.

So, what has happened so far since I took over. I’m in the process of working with the various Regional Coordinators to determine where they are in their areas of responsibility and where there are positives and where there are gaps that need to be addressed. By the way, we are blessed with six excellent coordinators who know what they are doing and are dedicated to growing RLI.


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RLI-HOA Board sets goal of 500 2023 Registrants!

Sunday, February 5, 2023 By:
At the January 10, 2023 Quarterly Board meeting, RLI-HOA leadership indicated that it should be within the grasp of the RLI-HOA Districts to register 500 participants in RLI sessions during the next calendar year. This goal accompanies an earlier stated goal of each RLI District generating 1 RLI graduate by June 30. In the calendar year prior to the Covid pandemic, approximately 900 registrants completed RLI sessions. Many districts rely on their RLI programs to assist in the preparation of leaders for Rotary. District Coordinators and District Governors are encouraged to collaborate and help the Rotarians that they serve to develop a  heightened understanding of Rotary and its many meaningful and substantive programs. If you encounter obstacles or barriers to expanding your RLI program, please let the RLI-HOA leadership team know, so that energies can be focused on removing problematic obstacles and/or barriers. 

Do you need ideas for promoting your RLI sessions?

Sunday, February 5, 2023 By: Jeffrey Romine
If you need ideas for promoting your RLI sessions, you may want to check out rgw RLIHOA.org website "Resources" and "Marketing Materials" area. Recent contributors include: Judy Worth, Eric Marcus, and Julie McCoy. If you have marketing pieces that you are willing to share, please let Jeff Romine know, at jeff.romine@gmail.com.  

Greg Maciolek becomes new Faculty Trainer

Tuesday, January 31, 2023 By: Jeffrey Romine
RLI-HOA leadership is delighted that Greg Maciolek has accepted the position as RLI-HOA Faculty Trainer and Training Chair. Greg, a member of the Rotary Club of Knoxville Breakfast in Knoxville TN, is no stranger to training and hard work. He was club president three times. Greg is a former Rotary Public Image Coordinator in 2015-2018 and District Governor in 2019-20. He served in the MI Air National Guard  and US  Air Force for 26 years as a fighter pilot, instructor pilot, commanded a flying group of 1,100 personnel; commanded the ANG Professional Military Education Center in Knoxville. He retired as a Colonel. He also has experience with General Motors and Ford Motor Company in leadership positions. He continues to work with organizations on their leadership development needs. In short, Greg is well suited to his new responsibilities. District Coordinators can look forward to working with Greg as they encourage new and existing facilitators to develop and/or enhance their facilitation skills for teaching RLI sessions. Expect Facilitation Training opportunities to be available in the near future.

Reminder of Registration Tips

Tuesday, January 31, 2023 By:
District Coordinators are reminded JD Rottero is available to help you set up the registration for your RLI sessions.  To be best prepared to talk and work with JD, you are encouraged to review the document that is available by clicking here to access, where JD Rottero provides written assistance in your RLI planning and registration process.

Tips from our Registrar

Tuesday, November 29, 2022 By: Jeffrey Romine
Your RLI-HOA leadership wants your District to have a successful RLI program.  JD Rottero recently took some time to record his advice for RLI District and Regional Coordinators to assist them with the RLI planning and registration process. Click here to access the document directly from our RLI-HOA website.  

What's in Your Toolbox?

Monday, November 14, 2022 By: Romine, Jeffrey M.
I am sure you have seen the commercials that run on the theme of
"What's In Your Wallet?"  It's about having an advantage in your shopping experience.

Did you know that the Rotary Leadership - Heart of America Division has a similar question for you? This question is: -- "What's in your personal toolkit?" Let me explain -

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Brief Highlights of April 2023 RLI-HOA Board Meeting

Monday, May 8, 2023 By:

The RLI-HOA Board met on April 11.  Tom Greene, Chair, presided over the meeting.  He indicated that during the recent election, RLI-HOA Officers were elected for the upcoming two-year terms, and the 2023-2024 Budget was approved by a majority of the RLI-HOA District Governors, members of the Board, and District Coordinators. The following individuals were re-elected to serve beginning July 1, 2023.

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After the Covid Storm, RLI-HOA soldiers on! Can you help?

Monday, November 14, 2022 By: Jeffrey Romine
The visual images of the lost and damaged property in the aftermath of hurricanes, tornados and fires dramatically influence viewers.  Hopes and prayers go out to the individuals that are adversely affected.  Financial aid may follow.  Often, storm affected individuals demonstrate perseverance and persistence, and after shedding tears, develop a resolve and commitment to rebuilding their lives as they move forward. Help is deeply appreciated.

Disaster Strikes
Much like a storm, the Covid pandemic adversely affected countless lives, communities, and service organizations. Some Rotary Clubs were seriously injured and destroyed, while others were only damaged. The RLI-HOA leadership and educational program was heavily damaged for understandable reasons.

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RLI Training is Different!

Tuesday, May 9, 2023 By: Thomas Greene

Is there a difference between the Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) classes and the other training that one can receive in Rotary? Is the training in one area as good as the training in another? These are great questions to help explain why RLI training is a unique experience.

Rotary offers great training that improves the effectiveness of our organization. Examples are PETS training for Presidents-Elect which prepares an incoming officer for their new assignment.

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Highlights of Quarterly Board meeting of January 10, 2023

Wednesday, February 8, 2023 By:

The current Board of RLI-HOA met via zoom on January 10 for their regular quarterly meeting.  Action was taken on two items, election of officers and the 2023-24 operating budget were approved by the Board to be shared with RLI-HOA District Governors. Board members, and District Coordinators. Their votes are due on March 2, and the results will be shared in a future Bulletin.  



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Welcome to our Website!

Thursday, November 18, 2021 By:
Welcome to our website!  We are now fully implemented. You can register for an RLI event at this site  using upcoming events as well as get answers to your questions by using Contact Us on the ribbon above.

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! for Bo Porter

Tuesday, January 31, 2023 By: Jeffrey Romine
[This article is a condensation of an article that appeared in the October 2021 RLI-HOA Newsletter. Bo Porter's contribution to RLI-HOA has been enormous.  If you see him or know him, be sure to thank him for his contributions and sacrifices for RLI-HOA, as he steps down as the RLI-HOA Faculty Trainer and Training Chair.] 

After approximately 35 years of Rotary membership, not much happens in Rotary to truly surprise me …. Not so on July 13, 2021 when I began reading e-mails for the day and opened a message, quoted below, from newly elected Chair of RLI International, PRIVP Mike McGovern. Quoting the beloved Gomer Pyle…Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! does not do the moment justice.

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Upcoming Trainings

RLI Parts I, II and III, In-Person - District 6190
June 17th 2023 at 9:00 am
More info

RLI Parts I & II, In-Person - District 6510
June 24th 2023 at 8:00 am
More info

RLI Parts I, II, & III, In-Person - District 6710
June 24th 2023 at 8:30 am
More info

RLI Facilitator Training, In-Person - District 6190
June 24th 2023 at 9:00 am
More info

RLI Part II, Online - District 6860
July 8th 2023 at 8:00 am
More info

RLI Parts I, II and III, In-Person - District 6670
November 4th 2023 at 7:45 am
More info

Welcome to the Heart of America Rotary Leadership Institute Database & Communications site.

RLI is designed for those Rotarians who have the potential and willingness to engage in future club leadership (not necessarily as club presidents) to provide them with a quality education in Rotary knowledge and leadership skills so important in voluntary organizations. The leadership skills you will obtain at an RLI event will help you not only in your Rotary career, but will apply to your leadership efforts professionally as well.
Each District has a local RLI coordinator who will set up the time and place for the RLI events offered in their area. That information will be communicated to the Heart of America Registrar for set up here. RLI Parts I, II, and III are organized and listed as individual events in categories according to the District(s) who are organizing them. The location and time of the RLI is listed in each individual RLI description. All RLI upcoming events are also listed below, by District number.
We offer both virtual  and in-person courses with payment by credit card or check options for RLI registration. We are using PayPal secure servers to handle payment via Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover, or through your own PayPal account if you wish. If you choose to pay ‘off-line’ just bring a check with you to the RLI Event.

Thank you for visiting. If you have trouble with the registration process, or some other function of this website, please contact us here.

What is Rotary Leadership Institute?

The Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) is a multi-district, grassroots leadership development program of member districts organized into regional divisions in various parts of the world. RLI is not an official program of Rotary International and as such, is not under its control.
Learn more at www.rotaryleadershipinstitute.org or download the brochure here

RLI seeks to have Rotary Clubs in its member districts identify those Rotarians who appear to have the potential for future club leadership (not necessarily as club presidents) and provide those so identified with a quality education in Rotary knowledge and leadership skills so important to volunteer organizations.

The actual Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) event is a series of fast-paced, interactive, one-day courses offered to refine a Rotarian’s leadership skills and increase their base of knowledge in Rotary.

Courses are fun, topical, interactive, and geared toward busy business and professional persons who want to be more effective leaders in their vocation and club and more knowledgeable Rotarians.

Every Rotary Club is encouraged to sponsor at least two candidates for every RLI session. Students return to their club with enthusiasm, new contacts, fresh ideas, an increased understanding of their potential as Rotarians, and valuable skills impacting their potential leadership in their Rotary club and in their careers. Registration is quick and simple and you may register on-line.

You can find excellent RLI materials at www.rlifiles.com